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William Spratling, known as the founder of the modern Mexican Silver movement, boldly combined Art Deco and Pre-Columbian motifs in jewelry and tableware design, which are still handmade from the Spratling estate in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Alberto Ulrich, a long-time friend of William, purchased the estate to preserve Spratling’s legacy and has passed it on to his daughters.

Today, using the original tools, molds and methods, Spratling Silver is faithfully reissued with the exclusive permission of the Mexican government. Each piece is an original Spratling design made with solid sterling silver.

As in his own lifetime, Spratling’s designs are now made entirely by hand by a modern generation of Mexican silversmiths, and sold throughout the world. 

To view the entire line please check out our catalogue and enjoy the unique vision of beauty and continuing tradition that many have discovered and re-discovered since William Spratling left his mark on the world.


Violante Ulrich

Violante was bom in Mexico City in 1966. She grew up in Cuernavaca Morelos, Taxco Guerrero, USA and Europe.

Violante studied restoration of art in Paris, France, but finally decided to live and work for her Dad in the Rancho Spratling Hacienda.

In 1994 Violante and her partner Jason Patrick Brasier Creagh started a line of jewelry called JV. The JV line is sleek with clean, modern lines using Silver and wood chain links, geometrical abstracts of rosewood glinting with silver.

Violante continúes designing and producing her own line called Violante design at the Spratling Ranch.


We are now offering silver workshops at the beautiful and historic Rancho Spratling with flexible packages to fit most timetables. Nestled in a hidden mountain valley just outside of Taxco, Rancho Spratling provides a rustic and relaxing setting in which to enjoy the vibrant cultures of Mexico. While you're here, we will be providing silversmith classes in the original Spratling "Taller" (workshop) which is maintained exactly as William Spratling lived and worked. The silver workshop will be given by the renowned Maestro's de Taxco silversmiths who retain and continue an unbroken legacy of handcrafted silver artistry employing traditional techniques.

Rancho Spratling is most enjoyable at your own pace either soaking up the sun in the swimming pool or lounging in a hammock with a good book. You can explore the intricate gardens and hidden courtyards, take a mountain hike with spectacular vistas, or simply pamper yourself with a massage in complete tranquility. Provided during your stay will be delicious Mexican meals from our kitchen featuring local fare.

We also plan customized trips to nearby places of interest in the area such as day trips to visit the magical mountain city of Taxco and it's legendary silver shops, ultra-baroque Santa Prisca Cathedral and the labyrinthine, exotic market. While in town, you can easily enjoy a visit to the historic "Las Delicias" which was William Spratling's original residence and workshop from his earliest years before moving his operation out to Rancho Spratling. "Las Delicias" is an enchanting old casa just blocks up the hill from the historic main plaza and has been lovingly preserved as Spratling kept it in the 1920's and 30's and is now a salon and cafe run by our own Violante Ulrich who makes the best ravioli you will ever taste! Very near by are the mystical Grutas de Cacahuamilpa (caverns) as well as various old Hacienda's on the famous Camino Real. The entire area abounds with stunning, natural beauty, ancient and rich history and modern conveniences. Your stay at Rancho Spratling could culminate in an excursion to visit the spectacular pyramids of Xochicalco which has become an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today the Rancho Spratling Hacienda is a beautiful retreat welcoming visitors and artists from around the world. 

When making arrangements to stay at Rancho Spratling, please inquire for transportation details as there are several options including pick up directly from airport if desired. Taxco continues to be a place renowned for not just welcoming, but embracing travelers and tourists from all over the world -- an old tradition that continues to the present. The people here are vibrant, friendly and helpful -- often going out of their way to make travelers feel at home. We were born, raised, and live here with our families and friends. We offer a safe and wonderful experience to cherish here at Rancho Spratling and look forward to sharing with you this place of beauty and charm.

Private rustic bungalows to help you get away from the busy hectic life in the city.

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